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Keeping your mattress clean is very important, but not that easy. It becomes full of dust and dirt with time. With daily vacuuming, you cannot pull out all the contaminants from it. For effective cleaning, you need to hire professional cleaners. We have a professional, affordable, and unique way of cleaning mattresses. They become completely bacteria and virus free, right after we clean them.

Our mission is to make your bedding free from germs and fungi. These creatures can cause many health hazards and skin allergies to you and your loved ones. Call us on our customer care number – 07 2000 4562 to get the best services on time, every time. We use professional cleaning methods to avoid further breeding of dust mites as well and eradicate them through our steam cleaning process.

Best Mattress Cleaning Northgate
Best Mattress Cleaning Northgate

Make your Mattress a Bliss With Us in Northgate!

  1. A special team of experts is sent, for pre-inspection to your place. A high power vacuum cleaner is used to extract dust, dead skin, dust mites, and their body wastes. The initial cleaning takes place in this step only.
  2. Eco friendly and certified solutions are used by our skilled technicians to break down the bonds of dust and dirt built up in the layers of the mattress.
  3. We follow a hot water extraction process to deal with the stained and soiled area of the mattress. This process even kills any remaining dust mites, mould, germs, and bacteria. 
  4. Stain removers are also used by us to treat urine accidents and blood spots present on the mattress.
  5. Rapid drying of the mattress avoids the growth of mildew that multiplies very quickly in the damp and moist areas.
  6. A clean and fresh scent prevails throughout after deodorizing, with no more filthy odours around.
  7. We serve residential properties.
  8. Our services are highly affordable and very easy to avail.
  9. We serve you 365 days and 24 hours, day and night, at your convenience.

Mattress Cleaning Northgate
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