Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning to Improve Quality of Indoor Air

A richly embroidered carpet adorning the home is the symbol of an elite background. However, carpet cleaning is an expensive task. Dust tends to get embedded in the threads of the carpet. As a result, the surrounding air may soon get polluted. As a result, carpet cleaning needs to be done regularly. Now, it is time we found out why carpet cleaning is important.

Let Us Discuss The Points Mentioned Above:

  1. Health Hazards:

    Unclean carpets have some potential health hazards. Dust mites burrow themselves deeply within the carpet. They consume anything that comes their way. Then the waste they produce is two hundred times their body weight. This waste is liable to cause respiratory disorders and other allergic reactions.
  2. Invisible Polluting Factors:

    Fibres from our clothes, pet fur and tiny dust particles may fall on the carpets. We unknowingly step on them and they get grinded to dust. However, they stick to the underlay of the carpet. Such polluting factors may be invisible to the eye, but pollute the indoor air. So, to keep the quality of indoor air clean, carpet cleaning has utmost importance.
  3. Stains:

    Many people have pets at home. Urine of pets and accidentally spilled wine may leave stains on the carpet. Animal urine may not be starkly visible, but it leaves behind a stain. Also, stale wine stains and pet urine give out a foul stench and attract bacteria. The ash from cigarette smoke may also get entangled with the fabric of the carpet. People who smoke indoors may give rise to this problem. So, carpet cleaning in Northgate becomes even more necessary to clean up the indoor air, where smokers are concerned.
  4. Mold:

    Mold spores have a tendency to settle on the carpet fabrics. They are invisible to the naked eye. However, if they are allowed to settle, they pollute the indoor air and cause respiratory problems.
  5. Cockroaches:

    Many insects like cockroaches and pests hide within the threads of the carpet. They lay eggs amidst the carpet fibres and the larvae cause immense damage indoors. As a result, the larvae bore holes in the beautiful carpets. Also, they spread several infections at home. How would it feel if we step on a dead cockroach and it squishes out its intestines all over the carpet?
  6. Shoes:

    Many people enter offices wearing their shoes. The dirt and bacteria trapped under the shoes get smother in the carpets. In turn, they pollute the indoor air.


Smelly shoes may also leave their traces on the carpets. If it rains outside, people may enter their offices wearing wet shoes. Such wet shoes too leave a trail of water in the carpets. The carpets become a bedrock of dirt and different types of stains. It results in spreading different types of bacteria within the house. Hygiene is of utmost importance in houses across the globe. An office is a second home to a substantial chunk of the population. So, the owners of homes and offices should not shy away from getting the carpets professionally clean regularly.