4 Common Mistake We Make When Cleaning The Mattress

Cleaning a mattress is not an easy task to do in routine life. But when it comes to the matter of health, it can’t be ignored. A comfortable and soft mattress is indeed for a sound sleep. In the same way, the mattress should be free from dust particles, dead skin flakes, and dust mites. You practice various measures to clean and sanitize your mattress but still, you are left disappointed at the end when you see your mattress is ruined.

 In this blog, we will discuss the common mistakes You Make While Cleaning The Mattress.

  1. Ignoring the Cleaning of Spill

Many times we spill food or drinks on the mattress which is inevitable. But ignoring these spills or leaving the spills to be clean later results in a stain. When these stains are left unseen, we give more time to soak into the mattress foam and pad beneath it. It becomes necessary to approach a Professional Mattress Cleaning Northgate Service because the longer a stain is allowed to stay it is difficult to remove it. When this happens, the risk of mould growth, bacteria, and odour increases.

  2 . Scrubbing at a Stain 

Of all the Mattress cleaning mistakes, this is one of the most common we do. Many times we find bloodstains, vomit, and other mattress stains and to our reaction, we will straight down there to scrub it up as fast as possible. But doing this will cause more harm than good. When we use a scrubbing motion on the mattress, it forces the stain deeper into the foam fibres. What we need is to gently dab at the stain with an absorbent cloth. This will slowly lift the stain from the mattress instead of forcing deeper inside it. It is better to hire Mattress Stain Removal service to get rid of these stains.

   3. Inappropriate Cleaning Products

Every mattress needs to be cleaned with different cleaning solutions that suit best to the fabric without any damage to the form and fibre content. A wrong type of cleaning solution can cause damage and discolouration to our mattress. Thus, it is important to test the cleaning solution on a patch of our mattress on a hidden side. Furthermost, we must do some research before buying Mattress Cleaning products because too many harsh products can lead to significant damage to one mattress.

     4. Beating the Mattress 

When we see dust particles or bugs on the mattress, we use the stick as a beater to clean it. But beating doesn’t remove the dust rather it makes the mattress hard or breaks the foam. It might clean the dust-out but not totally. Beating the mattress simply throws out the microorganism and dust particles into the air, causing allergic reactions to those who inhale the dust. This may further lead to running nose, repeated sneeze, or itchy eyes. This practice is hazardous to our health and surely not an effective way to remove dust particles.

Hire Local Mattress Cleaning Service Providers 

So, next time when it comes to the cleaning of the mattress, remember all these instructions and avoid any damage to the mattress. If you face any issue, you can also call for Mattress Sanitising and Dry Cleaning Service from Carpet Cleaning Northgate as we not only save your precious time but also help to reduce your stress.